Statements and Positions • #ge16

Statements and positions of our group and the campaigns we endorse will be compiled here for easy reference and accountability.

Clare Daly TD and Tomás O Dulaing endorse Brendan Young as local election candidate for Celbridge-Leixlip

UNITE the Union Endorses Young as Candidate for Working People,  Better Pay and Conditions.

Our 2014 Local Elections Manifesto for Celbridge-Leixlip

Oppose Coalition with Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour – Build a Clear Alternative to Them Instead

Scrap Water Charges and Irish Water – Stand Together in Protest, Don’t Pay, Vote Them Out. “People Power” Has Made the Difference.

Fine Gael and Labour Preside Over Hospitals Crisis Begun By Fianna Fail

#ge16 Cllr Brendan Young for Kildare North Election Manifesto – For Social Justice and Real Equality

6,800 on List: Housing Action Needed in Kildare

[Housing Action Kildare February 2016 Picket at Kildare County Council]




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