Young Number 1: 2014 Local Elections Manifesto Available Online

Our manifesto is now online below for you to download, read and share. Of course, it’s not exhaustive and it wasn’t easy trying to fit everything onto one document – but we’re getting positive responses to it. If you would like to know our views in more detail or on other issues please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

If you broadly agree with the issues we raise and our priorities –  it would be appreciated if you could give us your number 1 vote in the local elections this Friday May 23 or highest possible preference. Thank you.

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Give Young your Number 1: Campaign Endorsed by UNITE the Trade Union

We are delighted and honoured to have the official support of UNITE the Trade Union – one of the largest progressive organisations on the island. A vote for our campaign is an endorsement of our campaigning for better pay and conditions for working people. Read on:

Your vote matters!

Dear member,

For the past five years working people have been paying the price – in job losses, public and private sector wage cuts, and increased taxes and charges – for an economic crisis not of their making.  The trade union movement warned that austerity would be economically and socially destructive, and we have been proven right.

In a statement issued following its April meeting, Unite’s IEC pointed out that the coalition government has consistently pursued policies which are damaging to the interests of working people and urged support for candidates opposed to austerity policies.

The IEC was particularly critical of the decision last year to introduce the so-called FEMPI legislation, which undermines the right to collective bargaining in the public sector, and of the decision by Social Protection Minister Joan Burton to introduce mandatory activation schemes in the form of Gateway and the youth internship programme JobBridge, which now includes a mandatory element.

It is particularly disappointing that Labour Ministers have introduced measures which are actively damaging to the interests of working people, while failing to introduce vital measures such as the right to collective bargaining.

On May 23rd, you have a chance to make your voice heard in European and local elections.   We are urging Unite members to examine the policies of each candidate and to vote for those who oppose austerity and support the interests of working people.

Below is some information on voting entitlements, as well as a list of Unite members who are running in the European and local elections and who we are asking you to consider supporting.  Also included is information on some issues you may want to raise with candidates when they come knocking.

In solidarity



Jimmy Kelly
Regional Secretary

Keep An Eye On Our Media Archive!

Don’t forget to check out the group’s media archive page which is updated on a regular basis.

We’ve been so busy working on various campaigns, it’s great to have some pictures and clips together in one place.

STATEMENT: Labour’s Betrayal, Gilmore Not Welcome in Celbridge-Leixlip

Brendan Young Independent – Community Solidarity
Statement – April 25, 2014

Elections are referendum on Gilmore and Labour’s broken promises

At a protest in Celbridge at the launch by Eamon Gilmore of Labour’s election campaign in North Kildare, Gilmore and Labour were slammed for their broken promises.

Brendan Young, Independent, Community Solidarity candidate for Celbridge-Leixlip said:

“The local elections are a referendum on what Labour and Fine Gael have done in government. Local services are being squeezed – but the big picture is that people are paying more and getting less as their living standards are driven down by a plethora of stealth taxes.

Gilmore and Labour – the party of broken promises – should hang their heads in shame. At the last election they promised to protect health services and special education, and not to cut child benefit. They said they would not support Fine Gael’s €238 water tax – nor Fianna Fáil’s €400 water tax proposal.

They have broken these promises and many more. It is a scandal that a Labour minister, Brendan Howlin, is driving through almost €400 million cuts in health spending while we have no ambulance for North Kildare on Thursdays and a skeleton service the rest of the week.

I will continue to challenge the cosy consensus of Fine Gael-Labour, Fianna Fáil and some Independents, who willingly tax ordinary people and impose more cuts – to protect the wealth of bankers and speculators.”


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Successful Celbridge Public Forum on Elections with Clare Daly TD, Brendan Young and Tomas O Dulaing


[L-to-R – Clare Daly TD, Gráinne Lawlor, Tomás Ó Dulaing and Brendan Young]

Over forty people attended the public forum hosted by Community Solidarity in Celbridge last Tuesday evening, February 25.

In her comments to the meeting, Clare Daly TD said:

“The penalty points scandal has shown that those with ‘connections’ – especially the well-off – are treated differently to ordinary people. The system protects wealth and privilege. The whistleblowers have also shown that even if a struggle looks very difficult, it is always worth fighting for your rights: you are not beaten until you give up.”

Celbridge-Leixlip local election candidate Brendan Young said:

“Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have dumped the burden of the bank debts on ordinary people. They could not have done that without Labour’s support. I am standing for election to fight this betrayal and its consequences: for reinstatement of the full North Kildare ambulance service, full funding of education, and public investment in housing and jobs. I will also fight to keep our local post office and for Castletown parklands to be open whenever people want to go there.”

Tomás O’Dulaing of the ‘Alliance against Cuts to Education’ said:

“Our education system favours those who are already privileged: the children of the well-off usually come out on top while those of the poor or who have disabilities are more likely to drop out. We have to fight the poverty, bad housing and underfunding of schools that cause this. Like Clare Daly, I support Brendan Young in this fight.”

If you are interested in further comment or in getting involved with our local independent group in Celbridge-Leixlip – please contact the campaign here, at and on our social media. Facebook. Twitter.


Hello and welcome to the election campaign group’s new website. We hope to keep it updated and full of useful information regarding our campaign and what is happening locally and nationally.

To get things rolling, please enjoy this clip of the Castletown protest-walk we organised this Stephen’s Day. The first major protest in the current campaign. A real joy.