About Brendan and the Group

Brendan Young is an independent councillor for the Celbridge-Leixlip area having been elected in 2014. He is running as the independent, anti-austerity candidate for Kildare North in the 2016 General Election.

“I want local people to get the services they need and to make Ireland a more equal society. Kildare needs proper funding, not more local taxes.

I campaigned against the home taxes and budget cuts, and oppose the water tax. I have acted to stop evictions and the sale of repossessed homes.

I support a people-centred Europe and protection of our environment – not the supremacy of the banks.

I’ve had enough of politicians making promises while the parties they belong to make life harder. If elected I will campaign and vote against cuts. I will not participate in junkets for councillors.

I grew up at Young’s Cross, Celbridge, but left Ireland to find work. In Britain, I worked as a fitter, then went to university and became a teacher. I’ve been involved in movements for social equality all my life.

I came home to Celbridge in 2000 and now do research on economic and social policy, helped by some part-time plumbing work.

You can call me on 085 713 1903”

If you are interested in lending a hand and getting involved in our local grassroots campaigning group Community Solidarity – you can call the number above or email us at young.brend@gmail.com. Thanks.




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