#ge16 Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay • Right2Water Protest Saturday 20/2 Parnell Sq Dublin 2pm


• Scrap Water Charges!
• Right2Water National Protest Saturday 20/2 Parnell Sq Dublin 2pm

This Saturday sees the last national water charges protest before the election. Called by Right2Water Ireland, it takes place this Saturday February 20 on Parnell Square at 2pm. All are encouraged to come along and let government politicians in election-mode hear their voice.

According to Irish Water’s own figures, about half of people are refusing to pay these water charges. People are not being fooled by misinformation, nor bullied by their harassment. The government are sinking in the polls from their 2011 result along with their water charges and will struggle to be re-elected. If anti-water charges candidates who support the majority of working people who have decided to boycott get a strong vote – between that and the mass boycott these charges will be on their last legs. We’re close to a win on this – .

This is confirmed by the government’s indication in recent weeks that they will push the period of the capped rate out to beyond the life-time of the next government. This retreat is an admission that these charges are not enforceable and shows that “people power” works. That when we don’t like what a government attempts to do, then we can stop them if we organise to resist them together. We should apply this approach more generally, to reverse austerity and for a fundamental change of priorities for real equality.

People from across County Kildare have agreed a designated meeting point at the steps outside Hugh Lane Gallery, if you are thinking about coming in to the protest you are more than welcome to join with us there. So hold out on the bills, come to the protest this Saturday and vote water charges out on Feb 26. Can’t pay, won’t pay! Vote Young!

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