#GE16: Sinn Fein and Social Democrats Must Rule Out Coalition with Austerity Parties

Launch_Feb9_2 copy

Press Statement – February 2016 – Immediate Release

Cllr Brendan Young Launches Election Manifesto

Sinn Fein and Social Democrats Must Rule out Coalition with Austerity parties

Need for radical change in priorities

Today Cllr Brendan Young launched his election manifesto and called for radical change to end inequality and restore living standards for ordinary people. He also reiterated his call to boycott water charges.

Young said

“This election is an opportunity to reject the austerity agenda of Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Labour. The polls are clearly showing that people want a change of government and an end to inequality. I am the only candidate in North Kildare who has clearly stated that I will not support a government which includes these pro-austerity parties. Other candidates who claim to be offering real change, such as Sinn Fein and the Social Democrats, need to clearly state where they stand on this issue. Will a vote for them end up being a vote for a Fine Gael or Fianna Fail led government?”

Young continued

“ I am standing in this election to offer a real alternative. I stand for taxing those who have most and using these resources to provide the services in health, education, housing and childcare that people need. I support full equality for all. This means repealing the Eight Amendment. I support radical action to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change. If people want to vote for a real alternative they should vote for me. My manifesto sets out proposals that would lead to a real change in priorities. ”




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