Water Charges Latest: Boycott Forces Another Retreat, Protests #Jan23


Press Statement – January 2016 – Immediate Release

Cllr. Brendan Young, Kildare North Independent candidate

Water: Government Retreat, Boycott Works


The reports that Fine Gael and Labour are now thinking of extending the cap on water charges from 2019 until 2021 – the lifetime of the next government – is an acknowledgement that they cannot enforce the charge in the face of up to 50% non-payment.

Kildare North Independent candidate Cllr. Brendan Young, who is urging people to boycott the charge, said:

This is a victory for the ordinary people who are refusing to pay this unfair charge. The government’s retreat proves that Irish Water are making bogus claims when they say 61% are paying. Kenny and Burton realize that 45% to 50% are not paying. Irish Water’s figures are not credible. Importantly, only 55% have claimed the €100 water grant. But some of these are not liable to pay the charge at all; and many others took the grant but have not paid the bills.

So with the boycott running near 50%, the government knows it cannot enforce the water charge. They know that Irish Water simply can’t take up to 700,000 non-payers individually through the courts in the spring of 2017 to enforce payment. Rather than risk uproar and outright defeat, Fine Gael and Labour are considering a softly-softly approach in the hope that extending the reduced charge will induce more people to pay and defuse the charge as an election issue.”

Cllr. Young went on:

My advice is don’t be fooled: keep up the boycott and force them to scrap it. €260 now for a multi-adult household will be €760 and more for four adults in 2021 if they induce people to pay. If you have paid some bills, stop now and don’t throw more of your money away. Vote for candidates who support a boycott of water charges – to defend the living standards of ordinary people.

Join the Right 2 Water protests on Jan 23. Assemble 10.30 at Castletown Gates, Celbridge.

Dublin protest assembles 14.00 at Christchurch for march to rally at GPO at 15.00.”




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