Statement: Numbers on Trolleys in Naas Continue to Rise – Fine Gael-Labour Preside Over Hospitals Crisis

Naas Gen_

Cllr Brendan Young

Statement – 12 January 2016 – immediate release

Health is Major Issue In Election as Fine Gael-Labour preside over crisis

Numbers on Trolleys in Naas continues to rise  Major Investment needed to end crisis

Treatment delays can be the difference between life and death.

In a statement today Cllr Brendan Young, an Independent anti-austerity candidate in Kildare North, promised to turn health care into a major issue in the election campaign.

He said

“On Monday January 11, according to INMO Trolleywatch, there were 20 people waiting on trolleys in Naas Hospital. On the same Monday last year there were 19”.

Between January and November 2014, there were 2612 people on trolleys. That rose to a staggering 3072 in 2015. This is completely unacceptable. It’s causing untold misery to many sick people, particularly older people. Indeed the situation is so bad that people are put off going to A&E.

Unless there is major increase in beds, and big pay increases to attract nurses to stay in the system, the HSE’s current escalation procedures will run into the bottleneck of insufficient capacity.

The 62 bed expansion of Naas Hospital, planned since 2007, is completely inadequate because the area’s population has increased by over 10,000 and critically ill people are now also being diverted from Portlaoise hospital. Last October there were 1,782 waiting for a Gastro-Intestinal Endoscopy at Naas – 300 had been waiting over a year. These delays can be the difference between life and death.

The crises in A&E cannot be solved without additional beds and additional staff – many of whom have increased workloads but no pay increase. Our hospitals have never recovered from the cuts of Haughey and Fianna Fail, who took 3000 beds out of the system.”

Cllr Young continued:

“The crisis of healthcare shows that this government is not concerned with the welfare of the majority of the people. When they were pumping money into banks to pay bondholders, the health budget was cut by €4b between 2008 and 2014. And this at a time when our population is aging and in greater need of services.

There was much talk from Labour and Fine Gael about universal access to healthcare but the fact remains that those without money cannot access health care when they need it.  Government TDs, particularly Emmet Stagg, need to explain their failure to deliver on this vital issue.

I have played a leading role in campaigning to reverse health cuts, including cuts to the local ambulance service. If elected I will continue make health care for all a priority; and I’ll support nurses in their campaign to reverse cuts and increase investment in health.”




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