Four Councillors Withdraw Support for Dublin City Council

“RTE NEWS: Four councillors withdraw support for Dublin City Alliance” CLICK FOR MORE INFO

A message from Brendan and the group:

“Congratulations to the group of councillors who have just pulled out of the pact between SF, Labour, Greens and some Independents on Dublin City Council. They have decided they are unwilling to go along with a deal that will in all likelihood involve supporting cuts budgets. Hopefully others will now realise this, and also pull out.

Myself and Joanne Pender refused the offer to go into a coalition on Kildare County Council that would have included Fine Gael, Labour and some Independents – because in doing so we would have been making a commitment to support any budget cuts that central government decided to impose.

I look forward to working with these and other genuine anti-austerity councillors.”


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