Brendan Young Elected in Celbridge-Leixlip Ward

In the early hours of Monday morning, it was confirmed that our independent Community Solidarity candidate Brendan Young had been elected to the 5th of 7 seats in the Celbridge-Leixlip ward to Kildare County Council.

A massive than you for any contribution – little or large – our supporters may have made in their own way over these first few years of the group. It is all remembered and appreciated. We are so grateful.

Together, we have really given the government a serious rattling and started something special. We’re not on Kildare County Council to sit around and do deals. We’re there to campaign and make an impact on the way things are done. And judging by our vote, that is clearly what people want too.

Congratulations again to the strong showing by principled anti-austerity candidates across the island. We are particularly delighted that our friend Joanne Pender has been elected in Kildare-Newbridge ward and delighted for Martin Grehan’s excellent showing in Maynooth ward.

Thank you and solidarity.


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